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Pope Francis

Pope Francis, history’s first Jesuit to become a pope, has undoubtedly become the Church’s most controversial head in modern history. His decisions are not random but follow a pattern based on his spirituality. Papal thoughts and crucial decisions on various subjects are coherently presented in these exclusive Christian eBooks.

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Culture could be interpreted and understood variously depending on the experiences and philosophies. Religion brings in culture. But we see people of the same religion following different cultures. A set of eBooks on tradition, art, culture and history, and their links with religion.

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Church Life

The Catholic Church is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and philosophies. In this collection of eBooks, eminent authors discuss the Church’s faith life and the hierarchy’s need to gain people’s trust.

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Human Rights

The concept of human rights stresses the freedom, equality, and dignity of all humans on earth. Violations of human rights continue on a daily basis across the globe. Here we present a set of eBooks on human rights.

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